Dear heads of the enterprises and organizations!

Dear professionals of the affair and specialists in the fields of management systems!

• Do YOU want to achieve long-term confidence in the products and services of your company from the side of customers, consumers and business partners?
• Do YOU want to get an independent professional assessment of conformity of management system of your company requirements of international standards ISO ?
• Do YOU want to improve the competitiveness of your company on the internal and external markets?
• Do YOU want to confirm the quality of your product conformity certificate, issued by the authoritative body on certification?
• Do YOU want to officially confirm the qualification of your staff or you need to confirm their qualifications?

Our company is ready to solve Your problems!

We will promptly provide:

• An independent and highly professional expert opinion on the problems of quality management in your company;
• Practical recommendations for the achievement of high effectiveness and efficiency of business-processes of your company;
• Effective tools for reducing the risk in your business.

We will help You and Your organization to achieve:

• Trust your company, products and services from partners and customers;
• Attractiveness of your business to investors;
• The sustainable development and achievement of competitiveness in the country and abroad;
• Increase of the demand for and the «cost» of professionals on the labour market


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- Information about FSMS 22001
- Information about ISMS 27001
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- Comitee of technical regulation and metrology
- National center of accreditation
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LLP «Certification Centre «InterCert» - the authority for confirmation of conformance, accredited in the State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provides services on acknowledgement of conformity of management systems in all branches of industry and the services sector; the certification of production; certification of the personnel.

LLP «Certification Centre «InterCert» is the authorized representative of TUV Rheinland (Germany) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our center provides services on acknowledgement of conformity of management systems in the GHS the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the certification system TUV , as well as a representative of the Russian certification body in JSC «GOST-Asia Ltd.» (certificate of accreditation № ROSS SG .0001.13 BZ 04), has the right to render services on acknowledgement of conformity of management systems in compliance with MS ISO 9001, GOST R ISO 14001, GOST R ISO 22001 and GOST R OHSAS 18001 and confirmation of the conformity of a wide range of products with the issuance of certificates of conformity in system of technical regulation of the Russian Federation.


Our partners:


• «TUV international Rus - Enterprise group TUV Рейланд/Berlin - Brandenburg» TUV CERT (TUV Rheinland, Germany);
• Wok «all-Russian organization of quality».
• European Voluntary Registration System of information on quality (EVROS);
• The public Association «the international Association of quality managers and auditors» (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan).

In structure of «certification Center « InterCert » is a part of the Test center of LLP «CA « InterCert ».


Our address:


Head office in Almaty

Republic Of Kazakhstan
Mr.. Str., Almaty Байзакова 299,
tel./Fax: 8(727) 274 93 92,
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Representative office in Astana

010000 city . Astana, ul. Бейбитшилик, 18, office 207
Tel.: 8(7172) 91 00 63
tel./Fax: 8(7172) 91 00 53
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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